Triad of Health

There are three factors forming an equilateral triangle that must be kept in balance to maintain health: structural, chemical and mental/spiritual: a triad of health. If one or more sides of the triad become deficient, diminished health results. Failure to correct the deficiency causes further imbalances: eventually all three sides of the triad become involved and there is a further decline in health.

Depending on a doctor's background, education and general interest there is a tendency to concentrate on one side of the triad. Although this approach may improve symptoms, it often leaves important causes of the problem undetected or uncorrected.

Structure: In medicine the orthopedist, manipulating osteopath, and physiatrist dominate the structural side of the triad. In natural health care, chiropractic is the major healing profession that deals with structure.

Chemical: This side of the triad has been dominated by the allopathic medical physician who attempts to control body dysfunction with drugs. In natural health care there is an interest in the chemical aspect of health by nutritionists and health food providers.

Mental/Spiritual: Today it is more common for doctors to prescribe medications to control the mental side of the triad. Counseling by a psychologist and minister is an approach that is drug-free! In the last two decades, neuroemotional technique has gained popularity in releasing stuck emotions in the body.

Some doctors try to affect other sides of the triad with their area of specialty, such as an allopath using muscle relaxants and pain killers for a backache rather than correcting the structural cause of the problem.

The ideal approach is to find the side of the triad that is adversely affecting health and use the tools necessary to correct the cause of the dysfunction. Applied Kinesiology is a system of functional body evaluation that accomplishes this task.