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7 Reasons to See a Chiropractor

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If you overdid it in the gym

Soft tissue injury is not something to ignore or let slide. The sliding surfaces of your muscles will become stuck together by scar tissue that your body lays down to stabilize the injury, many times compromising the nerves in entrapment. Active Release Technique (ART) is great at treating acute and chronic injuries by breaking up adhesion and restoring normal motion between and within tissue. Many times the joints of the body can become fixed or malposition when you over do it in the gym. Chiropractic Adjustments can release this problem and allow your body to move in space properly again. A fixed sacrum could lead to knee injury or an immobile thoracic spine in the cross fit gym may lead to a rotator cuff tear.  The key is to go early and make sure you continue treatment until the tissue is entirely healed.

If you have trouble sleeping at night

Sympathetic overdrive is very common in our culture. Our generation experiences more stress than any other generation in the known history of the world, especially those of us living in cities and congested urban areas. New patients often feel like sleeping in my office after their first adjustment or even after weekly adjustments if their stress levels are extremely high. This is evidence that their physiological ability to rest was toned down by too much stimulation to their fight or flight mechanisms. Patients come see me for a myriad of complaints and many times I hear that better sleep just comes with the treatment.

If your job involves repetitive motions, excess standing or sitting

Standing desks are a new trend in the office work space; orthotic shoes in the service industry and thick mats are typically available to stand on in retail. All of these remedies point to the importance of supporting the body in the workplace. Poor posture or sustained stressful positioning of the body is considered the new smoking and can result in degenerative changes in the spine by decreasing the natural curves that are necessary for spinal health. An optimal cervical curve with lordosis is associated with longevity, less sickness and a better quality of life. Here the body is in the position to respond to the changing environment with ease, effectively transitioning between sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system domination. Chiropractic is able to remove joint restriction that would cause you to roll your shoulders forward, have an anterior head carriage or a flat military looking spine in the lower back region.

If you have Headaches, Neck or Jaw Pain

These three issues are often interrelated and can be resolved by Chiropractic adjustments, Active Release Technique (ART), proper breathing and posture. The atlas, named after the Greek god who holds the weight of the world on his shoulders, this first bone under your skull has several muscle attachments that poor posture, improper movement during exercise, improper breathing, stress, too many pillows, stomach sleeping (ect) can cause asymmetrical pulling or tightening resulting in misalignment. Just like when you get down to a skeleton structure in the game, JENGA  where every supporting block that is removed effects all the other blocks; the atlas position is very important to maintain the proper weight distribution of your head and to keep your entire body responding to the nervous system appropriately. When mal-positioned, many times the muscles around the base of the neck and front of the neck will tighten and the cervical spine (neck bones) will twist in support of this subluxation. You may be able to visualize how this would also effect the muscles of the jaw as well due to their anatomical connections.

If you have been in a car accident

Car accidents can be insignificant or life altering depending on the point of impact and the speed of the force that impacted your body. Sometimes the symptoms following a car accident do not respond to chemical treatments such as pain killers and muscles relaxers, but the body will benefit from a healing touch. Last year a patient came into my office in severe pain with obvious muscular stiffness over her entire body. Every part of her seemed locked up. Her car accident was in a parking lot an entire year prior and she was still not herself. Her year-long solution of physical therapy, late night ER visits for morphine and just lying in bed did not change her situation. In ten minutes I corrected the structural misalignment that had her nervous system in a proverbial choke-hold and her body began to heal. She was amazed at the instant results and never returned to the ER for morphine.

If you are debating spinal or orthopedic surgery

Sometimes spinal surgery is necessary and can improve a person’s quality of life, however, with any invasive medical procedure there are risks that can result in more pain and further degeneration in the body. Many surgeons even suggests that if you are debating surgery for a musculoskeletal condition, always go the most conservative, non-invasive route first before committing to the knife. Physicians run across imaging all the time with obvious osteoarthritic pathology where the patient has no symptoms and the opposite can also be true. A patient can have symptoms without diagnosable pathology upon diagnostic imaging. Pain is not the end all be all in your story. Your body is amazing and can become symptom free with modalities such as ART and Chiropractic.

If you have received a medical diagnosis

Pathology tells us the body is not able to achieve optimal homeostasis, which is a natural mechanism of your body’s physiological processes only when the brain is sending and receiving signals to all the body systems efficiently and correctly. You may have a subluxation ie a lack of motion or lack of flow in body tissue such as in a joint or muscle, or your lymphatic, nervous or circulatory systems. Chiropractic approaches these problems by restoring motion to joints, function to muscles and flow to the nerves, lymphatic and circulation. Chiropractic promotes healing in the body by the body through ever present mechanisms of healing without drugs or surgery and you will love the “side effects!”


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