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A Healthy Lifestyle Involves the Nervous System and the Immune System: Find out why and how to get in on the movement!

The health of your lymphatic system plays a huge role in your body’s ability to fight and defend itself against diseases, the common cold or even seasonal allergies. When the lymphatic system has blockages your body will manifest an array of signs and symptoms depending on the location and severity of the blockage. Some people will be irritated more by pollen, dust, or cat dander. Some people may develop digestive discomfort or asymptomatic digestive dysfunction that can lead to more serious health problems as time goes on. A more serious lymphatic problem, lymphedema is affecting more people every year.


Your lymphatic system is responsible for protein, immune cells and carrying away old cells, products of metabolism, basically the garbage from your every changing dynamic body. Your body is designed to heal itself and is truly an amazing masterpiece! A blockage can happen when a particular muscle associated with a given lymphatic region loses tone and becomes congested with lymph. Just as the heart pumps the blood throughout the body, the muscles work like pumps for the lymphatic flow in the body. A muscle that is tied down by unhealthy fascial adhesions or other surrounding muscles can also lose its ability to pump lymph effectively.


In the 1930’w Frank Chapman, a doctor of osteopathic medicine, mapped out a system of reflexes that have come to be known as Neurolymphatic Reflexes. These points located mostly between the ribs will release lymph from a specifically related organ and muscle that share the same circuits in the nervous system. For example the NL for the liver and the pectoralis sternal muscles is located between ribs 5 and 6 near the sternum on the right. When active and ready to release lymph, the NL’s will be very tender!


Applied Kinesiology incorporated these reflexes into its system of treatment and AK doctors find and fix these problems with the lymphatic system every day! They also improve the function of your body through treating the nervous system. Just last month a medical journal published a study showing the anatomical connection between the lymphatic system and the immune system. The health or dysfunction of one system can directly affect the health or dysfunction of the other!


The brain communicates to the body through your nervous system, a connection of superhighways where intelligent conversations go on about the brain telling the body what to do and the body telling the brain what is going on. A muscle test can tell us how this conversation is going in a given area of the body by measuring tone. By the way doesn’t it make sense that 100% communication in the nervous system would mean 100% health in your body and 60% communication would mean less than 100% health?


Let’s go back to loss of tone. What does that mean? Tone in a muscle comes from the brain’s communication with the muscle and visa-versa. The brain is the master organ in the body and without it the body is lifeless. What can cause a loss of tone?


Subluxation! Subluxation can occur in the spine, pelvis, skull, other joints of the body, in a lack of blood flow, lymphatic flow, cerebral spinal fluid flow or acupuncture meridian connection. Chiropractic works because adjustments remove subluxations from the body, restoring communication between the brain and the body! Through muscles testing we see this in a return of tone in your muscles. Where there is normal tone, there is also lymphatic flow!

lymphatic flow

Being healthy and having a healthy nervous system and immune system are all related and part of a Chiropractic Lifestyle! What are you waiting for? Get in on the movement by creating your own Chiropractic story today!

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