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Down the river from the stomach is the ICV: Illiocecal valve “The Great Mimicker of Many Conditions”

In the previous blog we covered a problem that can occur with the stomach. We mentioned that what is occurring in the stomach can have a great effect on the rest of the digestive tract. Most disease processes begin with problems in the gut. This is no surprise when we remember that 80% of the body’s immune defenses are are located there! There are significant reason why we want to make sure there is 100% function in our digestive system.


The pH of each area is regulated by the nervous system. The stomach is designed to be very acidic and “down the river,” pH varies according to function all the way to the exit in the bowel where the contents should be very alkaline. This regulating function is one reason why drinking alkaline water cannot change the overall pH of the body because each individual section of the gut is highly regulated.

However, changes in alkalinity and acidity of the stomach can have a tremendous effect on the closing and opening of two sphincters in the gut. The esophageal sphincter and the sphincter portion of the Illeocecal valve, Valves and sphincters are important in the gut because they keep chemical reactions contained! You would not want to eat the contents of your garbage disposal nor would you keep your compost in the refrigerator with your food.


According to research by Castell et al, “Instillation of HCL into the stomach resulted in a decrease in lower esophogeal sphincter pressure and simultaneous increase in illeocecal sphincter pressure, whereas gastric alkalinization and pentagastrin injection resulted in marked decreases in the in illeocecal sphincter pressure and increased lower esophageal sphincter pressure.” There is a rhyme and reason to digestive function and keeping the gastrointestinal system healthy is a great concern!

When the stomach becomes too alkaline the illeocecal valve will become stuck open! This is one reason why in cadaver or barium studies this valve is deemed rudimentary, however during surgery this valve has been found to be very functional!

So what happens when your illeocecal valve is stuck open? At the location we see the already digested food that should be on its way to the toilet back-washing into the area of the gut where absorption is taking place! Talk about a toxic conundrum! The absorption of toxins can cause all kinds of havoc in the body.

sinus problems

Extreme low back pain, fluid retention that exacerbates a compromised disc in the spinal column, problems with other glands of excretion such as the sinuses, recurrent bladder and kidney infection, congestion in the lungs, and poor complexion are just a few! You may even have some body odor or bad breath that would not normally be present without this problem!


Applied Kinesiology Doctors are trained to find this problem and correct any other contributing functional problems such as a subluxation,  meridian imbalance, lymphatic, vascular, dietary or emotional issues that may be causing recurrence.

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