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KISS & Chiropractic this Valentines Day


KEEP IT SIMPLE SIMPLE. People want to be healthy. People want to live to their fullest potential. People want to feel good, have more energy, sleep better, and accomplish everything on their to do list. What is the ONE THING that can give you all of this? The simple answer to KEEP IT SIMPLE SIMPLE this month is a healthy well functioning body. “Where do you get one of those?” you might ask.  Simply by taking the best care of the one that you have!

The first key to a healthy and well functioning body is: MOVEMENT. That’s right! Give your body movement and your body’s ability to heal, fight stress and infection skyrockets! Movement can be achieved by sticking to a regular cardio or fitness program; however your workout routine, even deep breathing yoga cannot give your body the type of movement that it needs most to function at its highest potential.

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That movement is called SEGMENTAL MOVEMENT.  Every joint in your body; shoulders, hips, wrists, elbows sends and receives information to the brain through the spinal cord through movement!  Your spine consists of 31 segments (moving parts) that need this communication to keep your body running like a Ferrari. If this motion is interrupted by too much tension from muscles, connective tissue or fixations between these segments,  your body may be running like a golf cart.


How do you know if your body is functioning like a golf cart or a Ferrari? Taking your own car in for an oil change or tune up is something you do on a periodic basis to keep your engine running smoothly. Why not use the same mindset when it comes to something far more important to your quality of life, your body?

Chiropractic is a powerful modality that removes fixations between your spinal segments and breaks up tension and adhesion in your tissue to restore motion and optimal health in your body. Keep your spine healthy and it will keep you healthy!  Valentines Day is coming up. When you share a KISS with the one you love, remember to KEEP IT SIMPLE SIMPLE and get to your Chiropractor for a tune up!


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