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The breath of life and CSF: The Fluid that Feeds the Nervous System

We take over 20-thousand breaths in a given 24-hrs! That is a lot of oxygen, and we essentially cannot live without it! Oxygen in and Carbon dioxide out all day, every day!  We all keep it going, most of us without a second thought. We are trained in elementary school how to assist someone who has stopped breathing with CPR, giving them a fighting chance to breath on their own again.

breathing Did you know that your simple act of breathing everyday affects even more than the chemical reactions taking place in your lungs? Yes, you are supplying your blood with O2, the final electron acceptor in the generation of Adenosine Tri-Phosphate (ATP), which is energy. You are also generating the circulation of something just as vital to the health of your nervous system as air, and that my friend is Cerebral Spinal Fluid (CSF)!


Your lungs fill up with oxygen as your diaphragm, arguably the greatest moving part for core stabilization within the body, pulls the air in like a syringe. With synchronous movement this activates the movement of the ribcage, the cranial bones (skull), the pelvis, spinal column and two other completely separate diaphragms that work like pumps to move CSF! This is a great functional example of why movement within the body translates to life! Without all these moving parts CSF flow can become inhibited, leading to degeneration, dysfunction, pathological changes and pre-mature death.


So what is CSF anyway? Why does your body need this fluid from the center of the brain, where it is created by villi in the subarachnoid space, to the extent of every highway (nerve) in the nervous system? This fluid delivers nutrition, carries away waste, and creates pressure gradients to protect your delicate brain and spinal cord. Even mild dehydration from alcohol can decrease the levels of this fluid causing the connective tissue around your skull, dura mater, to tighten up giving you a headache! Your CSF can affect you because without it your brain, essentially you, could not function!


We all want 100% function in our bodies! Who wants to live life at 50%, 60% or even 70% of our capacity? You could have a fault in one of your joints in this system that is decreasing your ability to function! This is where Chiropractic adjustments and Applied Kinesiology come in to save the day and restore optimal function to your body, so you can do all those things you love to do at your highest potential, even if you are just converting O2 to CO2!

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