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Why Everyone Should Get Adjusted

A healthy nervous system enables the body to function optimally. This includes the body’s ability to heal itself. An important aspect of the body that the nervous system affects is the immune system. When the immune system and nervous system are working correctly, your body has a greater ability to resist everyday stresses that have the potential to result in dysfunction and disease processes. The result of a properly functioning nervous system is better health, better function and a better life.




 How can the function of the nervous system be affected?  The central nervous system consists of the brain and spinal cord and is housed by the bones of the skull and spinal column. Nerves exit this housing into the tissues making up the peripheral nervous system. The function of the nervous system is adversely affected when a joint complex of the spinal column becomes misaligned and or fixated due to a stressor.


 What is a stressor? Stress can be a physical trauma, an emotional or mental event, a chemical or toxin foreign to the body or a lack of appropriate nutrition needed for natural bodily function. All of these stress components can cause a structural subluxation and the treatment of these stresses can help adjustments hold.




Movement is life. Every segment of the spinal column and even the sutures of the skull are designed to move with the global movement of the body and with respiration. This movement gives awareness to the central nervous system about the well-being of the joint complex and tissues connected to the peripheral nervous system. Movement allows information exchange between the body and the brain through the nervous system so that the brain can take the proper action when the body experiences stress.


 When the nervous system is adversely affected by interference from the spinal column a subluxation is present. Chiropractors remove subluxations by adjusting the joint complex involved. In extreme cases of subluxation, a person may experience pain, however in the majority of subluxations, other functions of the nerve besides the sensory component are adversely affected.



The autonomic and motor portions of the nerve are much more likely to be affected due to their locations and relative sizes. Autonomic refers to the organ systems of the body, which are “automatically” controlled without conscious thought. Motor refers to the function of muscular system. The function of both of these systems can be decreased by a subluxation even in the absence of a frank pathology.


 Because multiple types of stress are encountered in everyday life, the adjustment is appropriate for anyone with a spinal column and nervous system. You do not need to have a frank injury or pathology to benefit from Chiropractic care. Many health professions seek to move a patient from negative to neutral health or bring them to a state that is the absence of sickness. Chiropractic brings about the presence of something new for the patient, the presence of increased function and optimal health.




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