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Why I Practice Functional Medicine, Applied Kinesiology and Neuroemotional Technique

I walked into the kitchen where I kept the ominous scale: the judge of all I had been striving to attain for the last year. I hopped on and was disappointed once again. “Why can I not reach my weight goals?” I thought to myself. “I am doing everything I know to beat this scale, and it keeps on winning.”

I heard my belly grumble as the pangs of hunger set in.  I looked at the clock. I had enough time to cook a paleo breakfast and get some cardio and weights in at the gym.  I thought to myself that today would be different. “Today, I would make some progress with my weight goals.” The problem was that there had been a long line of those days, and the needle was stuck.

I was an attractive weight in high school. I was very proud of my slightly curvy yet slender build, but now things had changed. I no longer felt this way. Everything I tried to get back to that feeling left me failing in the dust. Diet and exercise were not enough. I had something much deeper than lifestyle choices stacked against me.  This weight problem seemed to have happened so fast, right after a very big emotional event. As I reflected back, the emotional pain was excruciating. I wondered, “What was causing this? Could an emotional event have triggered my body’s inability to control itself?”  I needed answers.

I had been in chiropractic school for two years now. School was demanding, and I was stressed. Classes and clinic kept me inside. I had minimal exposure to sunlight. I would peel myself out of bed early on the weekends to attend the latest seminar. I sought out the most exclusive groups in natural medicine, hanging on to every little word and sound-byte, hoping for some clue or reference that would lead me to the answers- the cause of my problem.

Somewhere in this mix I thought a change of location might help me figure things out, so I moved in with a different roommate. It was here that things began to open up for me as I saw all the academic knowledge I had attained take practical and living form. Through structural work on my own body, my roommate showed me their knowledge of Applied Kinesiology and fixed problems no one else in chiropractic school had been able to fix.

My chronic headaches were gone. In addition, a new feeling of health, life and vitality began to take over me, and I wanted more of it. I also wanted to give this feeling to others. I no longer wanted to just take away my patient’s pain. I wanted to find the cause, fix the problem, and change their overall function. I found that with Applied Kinesiology and Sacro-Occipital technique, that structural and neurological faults could be traced beyond the spinal segment. However, in my case, the scale was still winning.

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I no longer wanted to just take away my patient’s pain.

I finally found the health disciplines I had been looking for, Functional Medicine and Functional Endocrinology. I had heard these specializations were all about finding the cause of patient symptoms, and I wanted to know everything they had to offer. I first attended Mastering the Thyroid, and I continued to attend subsequent seminars. I was a sponge, and they were a fire hydrant. I invested the remainder of my free time in school learning about Hashimoto’s and other auto-immune conditions.

According to the National Institute of Health (NIH), 23.5 million Americans are currently suffering with one of 100 known autoimmune diseases. The cost of autoimmunity is outweighing the combined cost of cancer and heart disease over 10-fold.  Before I started using Functional Medicine, I fell into these statistics. I have been through the struggle of trying diet, exercise and even incorrect supplementation to try to regain control over my own body. As a patient, this is why I have done all I can to get the answers I needed to prevent autoimmunity from damaging by body further.

Because the symptoms of autoimmune disease may cross many body systems and can affect all body organs, specialists are generally unaware of the interrelationships among the different autoimmune diseases or advances in treatment outside their own specialty area.

This is where my perspective on autoimmune treatment stands out. As a physician, I look at the interaction of all the body systems and how they are functioning.

I have gathered the latest cutting edge diagnostic tools, research, and natural therapies to address the root causes of autoimmune symptoms.

Autoimmune conditions are most commonly treated with immuno-suppressive drugs. These drugs have devastating side effects, and they do not address the underlying causes of the disease. They actually in effect, “Turn off the fire alarm while the house is burning down.”

As a sufferer of autoimmunity, you may have discovered that your immune system is attacking you. You also have to ask, where is it attacking you, and why is it attacking you?

Over 80-percent of the immune system is located within the gut. This is the first piece of the puzzle. Standard culture testing is old technology and will miss many gastrointestinal issues that running a DNA stool analysis will reveal. This tool is important because microbes proliferate by manipulating your immune system to work for them and against you. Restoring your digestive chemistry and balancing out your gastrointestinal environment is a keystone towards good immune health and function.

In addition, the nervous and endocrine systems work in synergy with immune system. I will zero-in on their involvement, and offer treatments to correct their lines of communication and promote their homeostasis. This is a huge part of treating autoimmunity.

Immune modulation is the next breakthrough the NIH hopes to make in autoimmune research, and we have been seeing success with our patient treatment for several years.

Most importantly, overall immune status and function must be recognized. An understanding of who the players are within the immune system and how to balance them is needed. As a qualified practitioner, I can assess and diagnose your immune status and recommend immune supplementation.

If you would like more information on treating your body and addressing your autoimmunity, please visit www.chiropractorslajolla.com.  I am all in this profession because I understand what it is like to need answers. You can get your body under control and functioning correctly. You can feel great again!

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